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Are you constantly running out of storage? Contemplating buying that SAN? No need! Our cloud SAN storage can provide enterprise class storage at a block level to your application. Cloud SAN storage provides block level storage over TCP/IP. Block level storage provides storage over a high speed network with all the enterprise features of a SAN. Choose from 4 storage tiers based on your applications performance requirements. The service is a fully managed storage service managed by storage experts.


  • Only pay for what has been provisioned.
  • No need to buy that expensive SAN.
  • Managed by storage experts.
  • Different tiers of storage based on your applications requirements:
  • Low attachment cost.
  • No set-up fees.
  • Month by month contracts.
  • Dedicated volumes available to meet minimum IOPS requirements.
  • Tier 0 – SSD
  • Tier 1 – 15K
  • Tier 2 – 10K
  • Tier 3 – 7.2K
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