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Silicon Sky offers an application presentation hosting service namely Cloud App. Cloud App is the presentation of application(s) over the LAN, WAN or internet. The applications appear to be running locally on a device (PC, Laptop, tablet etc...), but are actually running in the cloud. Silicon Sky will host the application server and ensure that users can access the application anywhere anytime from any device. There are two presentation mechanisms.

Firstly a web browser interface is available and requires a device that supports a web browser. All applications are presented in a web browser. When the applications are launched they are executed in the cloud and only presented through the web browser. The second option is where shortcut icons are presented on a device. These shortcut icons are pointers to applications hosted in the cloud. When the icons are executed the applications are launched from the cloud and not the local device.


  • Ensures your business application data is secured and backed up daily.
  • Flexibility to add users and applications in minutes.
  • No capital outlay is required.
  • Only pay for provisioned users.
  • Predictable per user cost.
  • Access from any device from anywhere.
  • All user data is centralised, secured and backed up daily.
  • Month by month contracts.
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